Embroidery is a technic where texts and logos are „3D” embroidered on the textiles with needle and yarn.

Embroidery gives a unique look to Your promotional wear, catering wear, workwear and protective wear, in this way, Your clothes become an absolutely unique value.

We make embroideries on almost all type of clothes and textiles. We can even stylishly embroider such special textiles that we cannot print.

First, texts and logos  have to be digitalized, then an embroidery program is made of them. This procedure runs in our graphical studio which always guarantees a perfect result.

We dispose of 15 ultra modern, computer guided embroidery machines with altogether 120 embroiding heads.

Furthermore, we use high quality yarns and materials:

  • 20.000 embroideries per week
  • Logo embroidery even in 14 colours



The price of an embroidery depends on several factors: quantity of the goods to be embroidered, number of stitches of the logo.  We do not estimate but calculate the price of the logo that You attach to Your request. No extra fees for more colours.

The embroidery program has a non-recurring price.


Technical remarks:​

  • Texts to be embroidered must be at least 5 mm high to ensure the good readability
  • Possibilities of embroiding on shirts’ pocket
    • If the logo width is more than 6 cm: we have to unstitch the pockets before embroiding, then we have to restitch them. If the logo width is max. 6 cm: we can directly embroider the pockets without unstitching them
  • We kindly ask You to send Your vectorized logo (eps, pdf, ai) or a 300 dpi image (psd, jpeg, tiff).