Unique project number (ticketing)

Every order becomes a unique project number to ensure its easy follow-up through the production process right from the order until delivery.

Every carton of the order will be labelled with its content (textile’s type, quantity) after the production.

Transport of the productions between our plants in Belgium and Hungary.   
Transport between our plants in Belgium and Hungary.

You (or Your wholesaler, distributor) deliver Your goods directly ti our belgian plant.

We ensure for You a free delivery to our hungarian plant.

Our camions make possible the transport between our belgian and hungarian factories.

After production, Your goods will always be shipped to our stock in Evergem

Delivery in the EU

At Your request, we can ship Your goods directly to Your end user.

Your orders will be delivered with blank labels (and possibly the parcel bill too). In this manner there’s  no indication to Screen.

Every day we deliver cartons and pallets from our stock to different places in Europe.

Delivery time:

  • Belgium: 24 hours
  • Netherlands and LU: 48 hours
  • France: 48-72 hours
  • Other country: for request