To ensure the quick and correct fulfilment of Your order, we follow the mentioned working process:

  1. Offer
  2. Order confirmation
    1. Order’s details
    2. Data supplying
    3. Layout
    4. Confirmation of layout
  3. Delivery of textile
  4. Production
  5. Delivery to you / your client / our warehouse


1. Offer

Read more in page Quote.


2. Order confirmation

2.1 Order details
You can send Your order to our contact e-mail. After its reception we register it and give a unique order number. Please check if You have given all required informations:

  • Detailed description of the textile (brand, colour, size, quantity)
  • Supplier (You or name of Your wholesaler)
  • Logo’s position (left chest, back, left arm,…..)
  • Number of colours for all logo, and their Pantone codes
  • Correct files (see attachments)
  • Requested delivery date
  • If necessary, Your client’s address where we have to ship Your order

2.2 Correct files
Please make sure that Your logos are attached in one of the following vectorized formats: EPS, AI, PDF. The ogo’s letters must be converted on outlines. It is important to give PMS (Pantone colours).

2.3 Layout
We’ll send You a digital layout about Your goods. It clearly represents the logo’s size, position and the number of its colours.
You are asked to check this layout before you confirm this layout.

2.4 Confirmation of layout
After the reception of Your confrmation we start making arrangements. Our internal services make all films and embroidery programs.

3. Reception of textiles

You can give us Your textiles directly or You can make send them by Your wholesaler. We kindly ask You to attach Your order name and/or order number to the textiles in case of You order them from a wholesaler.

This ordernumber shall also be used by the wholesaler, in this manner we can quickly identify Your order.

During the reception we compare the received goods with Your order and immediately contact You when we find any difference.

4. Production

As soon as we receive your layout confirmation and textiles we start the production.

Depending on the delivery date we produce Your order in Belgium or in Hungary.

We handle Your order with the biggest carefulness. We ensure the labeling (textile type, size, quantity) and the enclosing of the cartons.

5. Delivery to you / your client /our warehouse

As soon as Your order is completed, You can take it over personally in our headquarter in Evergem. Upon request, we also can deliver Your goods to the end user.

We use blank carton labels (and parcell bill if necessary). If the order has more than 5 cartons, we ensure a delivery on pallet foiled with strong, black, non-transparent foils.

We can deliver Your goods all-over in Europe. Shipping to other countries - upon request.